ChartOur focus is cryogenics. Chart is a recognized global brand for the design and manufacture of highly engineered cryogenic equipment used from the beginning to the end in the liquid gas supply chain. Chart products are critical components in the separation of oxygen, nitrogen and noble gases from air and in the processing and liquefaction of natural gas. Our distribution and storage products and engineered systems are fundamental to the delivery and end-use of liquid gases across a multitude of applications in industrial gas and for energy. Chart has domestic operations in nine US states and international engineering and manufacturing in Australia, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy and the United Kingdom.


thumb GENo other American company can claim a heritage of innovation as deep and broad as GE. From Thomas Alva Edison’s first incandescent light bulb to the latest jet engine brimming with internet-connected sensors and 3D-printed parts, GE has pioneered technologies that have spurred world-transforming changes and improved the lives of billions. We’ve encapsulated GE’s global impact in nine different industries, highlighting four key technological transformations where we have consistently led the way. Together, these moments trace an arc of innovation that has no parallel—a proven 150-year commitment to progress that will help propel a brighter future for the world.

PDC logo and web only 300x150PDC Machines is well known world class manufacturer of diaphragm compressors scaling right along with the industry growth we are seeing today.

With the ability to compress up to 1000 Bar, PDC can support applications within power to gas, mobility, decarbonization, material handling, industrial use, multiple fuel cell applications, and much more.

Additionally, our turnkey HRS system can scale up to re-fuel commercial scale heavy/light duty trucking or bus fleets, aviation, and rail industries. Or scale down to a small fleets of light duty vehicles and Fork-Lifts utilizing our SimpleFuel™, a compact on-site hydrogen generation compression, storage and dispensing appliance.


thumb Colored Ohmium LogoOhmium International enables industries to deploy green hydrogen for a sustainable future. The company's suite of electrochemical products enables customers to achieve maximum value in industrial, transportation and energy projects.

Our highly cost-effective solutions are borne from modular design, self-produced integrated electronics, low manufacturing cost structure, and lifetime O&M agreements to ensure maximum uptime, throughput, and performance. Ohmium is headquartered in the United States with R&D centers in Silicon Valley (USA) and Bangalore (India), and manufacturing center in India.


thumb Nel Logo.svgVision: At Nel, our vision is all about ‘Empowering generations with clean energy forever’. Our technology allows people and businesses to make everyday use of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.

Mission: We deliver optimal solutions to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy.

Values: We believe simplicity is key. This can be a real challenge when dealing with complex technologies, but we believe being a customer of Nel should be simple, with a complete solution that meets your requirements. We value technology that is easy to operate, has a long lifetime, low cost of ownership, and is hassle-free for the end user. Simplicity is the guiding star in our business and values:


SunriseEngineering 120Sunrise Engineering is committed to producing quality work and lasting relationships. We are the only firm in the United States that has received the National PSMJ Premier Client Satisfaction Award eight years in a row. Certainly, we have shown our ability to deliver top quality communications, impressive performance, and cost-effective solutions. Our clients have deep confidence in our skilled engineers, which has led to long-term relationships and years of successful projects.

We collaborate with clients to deliver solutions that balance cost and performance. As a regional leader for professional engineering and consulting services, our disciplines serve a diverse range of public and private projects. Our staff of nearly 350 engineers, surveyors, technicians, trainers, and inspectors work together to make these projects successful and strengthen our communities.


thumb 1200px Brigham Young University medallion.svg

The mission of Brigham Young University — founded, supported, and guided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life. That assistance should provide a period of intensive learning in a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued.


Sprung 180“Corporate Social Responsibility” is not just a buzzword for us. At Sprung, we recognize that our operations have a broader social, environmental and economic impact. The Sprung business approach is built on sustainable and responsible growth, and our programs reflect this commitment. Sprung is about building relationships with people who value a faster and better way to build: rapid construction, total design flexibility, unrivaled performance and durability, and lower overall costs. From emergency shelters, medical facilities and temporary schools to membranes used for roof repair, our people have brought Sprung technology and expertise to areas around the world affected by crisis and devastation.


W2H logo 450Ways2H is committed to helping improve the global environment by eliminating waste while producing hydrogen. We strive to provide clean forms of energy or fuels, and introduce technologies that have a positive impact in creating a cleaner environment globally.

Ways2H is turning the world’s worst waste into renewable hydrogen for mobility fuel and power generation. Municipal solid waste, medical waste, plastics, sewage sludge and more. The growing volumes of trash and unrecyclable plastic that are causing problems around the world can be upcycled to produce a major portion of the world’s clean energy resources. Countries around the world are increasingly looking for opportunities to increase the use of hydrogen for transportation, power generation, energy storage and other uses.


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Trillium Flow Technologies is a global designer, manufacturer, and aftermarket services provider of engineered valves and pumps used in critical infrastructure, energy, and broader industrial applications. Its established portfolio of brands serves customers in the water and wastewater, global power generation, oil and gas, mining, and general process industries.

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