"Hydrogen = Energy Independence"

Element One Technologies where we got our startHumble beginning in NJ (circa 2009)

Element One Technologies, Inc - a Utah corporation - was founded after the closure of the previous company that entailed six years of numerous hydrogen R&D lab project developments. The previous New Jersey lab started out in humble beginnings in an old spider-infested garage in the backwoods along the railroad tracks of Bergen County, New Jersey. Karl Rudisill spent 5 years in this location designing and building version 1.0 of the very first electrolysis machine. It was mounted on his 2002 Dodge Daytona Charger. Coupled with a tuner chip to take advantage of the added power of the hydrogen injection - the increase of horsepower was dramatic. This inspired him to build build numerous ICEs over the course of the next 7 years.


Another hydrogen based IP design of Karl's was his bench scale steam driven impact turbine generator that was purposed for hydrogen power.  It has a rotational speed of 73,000 rpm and capable of producing 2 kWs of continual power. The steam front end was a small boiler type apparatus Karl designed that has a circular manifold with numerous special jet nozzles that were capable of handling hydrogen without overheating. The lab finally became overgrown with numerous inventions an experiments - expansion was inevitable. It eventually grew into a very large R&D facility fully stocked with every tool necessary to build rockets - including multi-phase welders, pipe benders, plasma cutters, 4 Hydrogen Powered IP design of his Impulse Turbine axis vertical CNC mill center, SolidWorks pro software, CAD/CAM software, an entire lab set up for bench-top fuel production and fuel sampling. Along with that came our new corporate office, conference rooms and reception.

One promising project developed into the world's first fully functioning bi-polar Dynamic Hydrogen Reactor electrolysis machine by rethinking direct impact turbines. The hydrogen produced onsite was used for testing a multitude of naturally aspirated engines that were developed in-house and running on 100% hydrogen as a fuel. Designing and engineering from the ground up numerous single and multi-piston engines that included spark ignition engines and gensets while modifying others to accommodate the explosive dynamics of hydrogen, we set out to prove hydrogen could be used as a replacement fuel in all ICE applications. This vast collection of engines includes a range of generator sizes from 2 KWs to 10 KWs, a 350 Chevy V8 and a rotary turbine jet engine – all running on 100% hydrogen.

IMG 2099First offical office conference room in NJ

After 5 years of hydrogen R&D with ICEs, the long awaited move into a more modern large lab facility and new corporate office led to great disappointment two years later as a result of lack of funding to continue hydrogen developments - a disappointing and forced closure of the previous company ensued. Overcoming the unforeseen setbacks, a new entity was planned that would position us and the new lab facilities in the heart of unlimited supply of natural resources. Element One Technologies, Inc of Utah was launched!

Ver. 1.0 Electrolysis (circa 2009) The company established a presence at its new corporate headquarters in the heart of Salt Lake City and moved into its new R&D lab facilities at the San Rafael Energy Research Center outside Orangeville. Our new planned corporate offices incorporates numerous hydrogen technologies of production, applications and operation that will be showcased in "Hydrogen Square" of this new 14,000 square foot hydrogen powered R&D complex.

After 5+ years of pushing the development of hydrogen in the state of Utah - Element One Technologies, Inc has finally acquired the first land parcel of 60 acres. This land is adjacent to and only one half mile away from the Berkshire Energy owned coal-fired power plant – the Hunter plant – outside Castledale, Utah. This project site will be used to build out the Hydrogen Reactor, ver. 4.0 (circa 2015) world's first multi-faceted, closed loop, zero emissions Utah Hydrogen Project. The full-scale hydrogen project will be a showcase of real-world hydrogen operating technologies that will represent a collaboration between regional, national and international companies that share the common pursuit of developing hydrogen as the go-to energy and fuel source to combat climate and environmental issues.  With the nation's first hydrogen powered airport, the Utah Hydrogen Project will have close access to the facilities by the new airport facilities only 10 miles away.

This holistic approach to the Utah Hydrogen Project will represent a Projects CollageProjects Collagevast array of different hydrogen production and peripheral technologies that includes - but not limited to -  SMR and electrolysis, hydrogen compression and liquefaction, transportation, logistics and distribution regionally from Utah to California as a first phase launch. Subsequent phases will add on a new form of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) without sequestration. This new approach to carbon capture consumes ALL CO2 that will be produced onsite from the different technologies, also a non-emissions coal gasification plant for hydrogen extraction and syngas production -  and the world's largest underground hydrogen storage facility of 13.5 Billion cubic feet. It is planned that Phase I will  be in operation Q4 of 2022.

Research and Development, Engineering and Design (RDED) are at the heart of Element One Technologies. With many new technologies, bio and alternate fuel types and inventions being patented - the R&D headquarter facilities will have ongoing hydrogen related projects that will also be introduced to the industry. This one-of-a-kind facility will serve as a spring board for future technologies that are in progress now and others that will be introduced in the future. These future innovations will not only include IP from Element One Technologies, but also other startup technology companies that need existing lab facilities for project development that can be integrated into the Utah Hydrogen Project. 

 Sprung Building Research CenterDue to the lack of travel and energy conference presentations - we have been busying ourselves in the lab with the development of the Hy-Fuels (Hydrogen, Hythanol® and DraftWallPortion of Karl's Thought Wall (circa 2014)HythanolPLUS) and a new upcoming Carbon Capture and Utilization System. These hydrogen based fuels - both gaseous and liquid - serve as a great solution to the car, truck, transportation, aviation and marine industry to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. As bridge fuels in pursuit of Zero Emissions Hythanol® and HythanolPLUS are drop-in liquid fuels that replace gasoline and diesel - both CI and non-CI engines that require little or no vehicle or engine modifications. Tested by a third party power generation company - HythanolPLUS is a biodegradable fuel proven as a high performance, low emissions, non-fossil based diesel fuel replacement.

The R&D lab/headquarters of Element One Technologies structure will house numerous ongoing development projects to serve the power generation, fuel, transport and hydrogen industries at our location inside the compound of the San Rafael Research Center outside Orangeville, Utah. We will also be showcasing numerous hydrogen technologies from different vendors inside the center of the structure at Techno Square. Numerous projects already OfficeBuilding 300New Utah R&D lab concept underway and developed - with more to come are the HyFuels®, the newly developed and scalable Carbon Capture and Modification system that captures Sprung Line Drawing of RD Lab100% of exhaust emissions from fossil based ICE power generation, the Dynamic bi-polar Hydrogen Reactor, the Hy-Heat™ water heater, the HyFuel™ cooking stove top, the BMW X5 Turbo Diesel HythanolPLUS® test vehicle, the tri-fuel hydrogen powered 350 Chevy small block engine, the dual-fuel Cummins 6.7 liter turbo-diesel engine test stands, the high performance clean emissions, tri-fuel - 650 HP Porsche Cayman S, the ultra low and zero emissions dual-fuel 2.2 KW and 8 KW generators that also operate on HyFuels - both Hythanol® and 100% hydrogen.

Several project rooms are allocated for ongoing development of hydrogen related technologies and collaboration between Element One Technologies and the Utah Colleges and Universities to have access to our facilities.