Revolutionizing an entire industry is not the same thing as innovating within an industry. Making a faster computer is an improvement. Building an organic computer from a jellyfish is a revolution. Element One Technologies (EOT) understands that the problems we face today require far more effort than improving existing technology. Big problems require a re-thinking from the ground up and then having the technical know-how and experience to invent the new, revolutionary solutions we need.

For the past ten years, EOT has been on the forefront of true revolution as we re-imagine a world free from pollution, GHG emissions, is 100% clean and completely sustainable and accessible to everyone. In other words, we are the agents for massive change. 

One such quantum leap forward is our hydrogen-based liquid fuel, Hythanol®. Delivering unprecedented power and hydrogen content, this hydrogen liquid-fuel can replace gasoline with an immediate 90% reduction in emissions while gaining an impressive 30% in horsepower using a turbo-charger. It burns cooler than gasoline, eliminating the need for a radiator. Hythanol® can be used in gasoline-powered engines without modifying anything if the car is newer than ten years. We are developing alternate fuels that would allow all the benefits that Hythanol® brings to the table on older vehicles without modification.

HythanolPLUS can be immediately substituted for diesel fuel. Now heavy transport can, within a few short years, reduce emissions by 90%. Currently, we are testing jet engines to run on Hythanol® as well. Early tests on our biodiesel fuel, is off the charts. We are smashing every metric against other biodiesel fuels including lowering the gel-point. At zero degrees Fahrenheit, our green biodiesel remains clear and burning bright. Companies can enjoy instant large-scale savings since they can shut their engines off just like regular gasoline engines, and operate easily in extreme cold weather. In other words, we have just revolutionized gasoline, diesel, aviation, and the marine industry. Not a bad start, and we're only just beginning.

Industrial scale hydrogen, and hydrogen-based liquid fuel production and developing new vertical markets are top high priorities for us. Our large production projects begin with the Utah Hydrogen Project, with a multi-state, three-tiered rollout for becoming the number one hydrogen production facility in the US.

We have many world-firsts in our lab already.

  1. First tri-fuel automobile: Gasoline, Hydrogen, and Hythanol®
  2. First hydrogen powered generators
  3. H-fuels development
  4. First jet turbine engine powered by hydrogen
  5. First hydrogen powered conversion of gas grill, proving out commercial and residential applications for hydrogen cooking and heating
  6. ICE emissions CCU (Carbon Capture Utilization)
  7. Dynamic Bi-polar Hydrogen Reactor
  8. Hydrogen powered ATV
  9. Diesel and gas engine testing stands
  10. Testo 350 emissions analyzer
  11. And this is just the short list...

Goldman Sachs estimates the hydrogen market could be a 12 trillion dollar market by 2050. They're calling it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In reality, this is a once in-a-civilization-opportunity. The world is changing to sustainable, clean energy solutions, and hydrogen is on the forefront of this change. While there IS a shortage of hydrogen at the moment, there is NO shortage of projects EOT is involved with. We have re-imagined the entire power consumption, transportation, storage, and consumer usage of this dramatic change. We take nothing for granted as we continue to innovate, re-imagine, and revolutionize the entire human/power paradigm.

If you are searching for unprecedented returns for doing the right thing, you've found a home with Element One Technologies. World changing. Exciting. Absolutely necessary. Profitable. These are the qualities that make a good investment. And these are the qualities EOT embraces everyday. We are changing the world, and we are looking for forward-thinking partners who are ready to change the world with us.