"Hydrogen = Energy Independence"


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Karl Rudisill is CEO and Founder of Element One Technologies Inc. Coming from an engineering and mechanical background – he worked on the engineering team during the construction of the Hunter and Huntington power plants in Utah during the mid 70s, the Bridger power plant in Wyoming, Morton Thiokol Engine Test facilities, Dugway Proving Grounds for missile guidance systems - he specializes in the development of hydrogen production systems and powering applications over the past 12 years. His knowledge and expertise in this unique field of development for applications of hydrogen as a fuel in modified internal combustion systems and Fuel Cell Vehicles has expanded into the production, transport and storage of hydrogen for large-scale applications. He is also the soul developer of trademarked low emission high-octane liquid fuel – Hythanol® and HythanolPLUS as a displacement for diesel fuel. His design knowledge and engineering has lead to the unique design and functionality the Dynamic Hydrogen Reactor.

Element One Technologies, Inc was relocated from NJ to Utah with a main headquarters in Salt Lake City and its R&D lab facilities at the San Rafael Research Center outside Orangeville, Utah. For the past two years Mr. Rudisill has been developing an industrial scale multi-faceted hydrogen production project in Emery County called the Utah Hydrogen Project. This end–to-end clean energy, Zero emission production facility includes electrolysis, SMR, gasification and a uniquely proven CCU system.

This Carbon Capture and Utilization system channels excess CO2 from both natural gas and the gasification of coal into large 30 acre agrifarms for the growth of an extensive line of vegetable and fruit products from vine and tree fruits that can be grown year round completely indoors. Working with state legislation, utility companies, technology suppliers, logistical companies and off takers –planned engineering starts Q4 of 2021.

Karl’s efforts and development of hydrogen production over the past 12 years is instrumental in working with key figures in developing a centralized hydrogen delivery infrastructure for the state of Utah, California, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona. This industrial hydrogen supply is also slated for the purpose of supplying the developing and expanding hydrogen fuel cell automobile market that is thriving in California.

Meeting with the likes of Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Shell Hydrogen, Dominion Energy, the CAFCP, Green Hydrogen Coalition, the DOE and the DOC in Washington DC, Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen, members of the House of Representatives, the American Coal Council, the Governor’s and their energy office directors, advisors and policy makers throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho and Montana, Karl has connected all the dots necessary for launching and developing a hydrogen economy that not only produces clean, abundant and reliable hydrogen in a depleted supply chain but he also enhances the existing energy infrastructure with new found ways of transforming fossil based power generation to non-emitting GHG energy production facilities whilst keeping existing assets in place.

Hydrogen development in Utah started about five years ago after Karl introduced stakeholders to a state-wide hydrogen development pathway for the State of Utah via the Utah Governors energy office to Dr. Laura Nelson and crew (September 2017). Those initial meetings lead to the very first of three annual Utah Hydrogen Conferences starting that December, plus a roster of rapid-fire developments including:

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  • First of many Presentations and meetings to Dr. Laura Nelson and staff at the Utah Energy Office to organize the first of three annual Hydrogen Conference in Utah. (2017)Presentations to IPP/IPA executive management on the conversion of the IPP plant to hydrogen (2018)
  • Presentation meetings at the DOE headquarters in Washington DC for the Shonto Transitional Hydrogen Project (2017)
  • First hydrogen meetings and presentations with the DOI, the DOC and the BIA in Washington DC (2018)
  • The first introduction of natural gas to hydrogen in the headquarters of Dominion Energy - SLC (2018)
  • Element One Technologies incorporates in Utah and establishes presence in its headquarter offices in Salt Lake City. (2019)
  • The first presentation meeting of hydrogen potential and The Utah Hydrogen Project Utah State Capital to Representative Melissa Ballard (2019)
  • Meetings with the utility companies in Utah about converting the Hunter and Huntington Power Plants owned by Berkshire Energy/Rocky Mountain Power (2016)
  • Presented the Shonto Transitional Hydrogen Project and hydrogen development to Navajo President NEZ and VP Lizer, NTEC, NTU, Peabody Coal and leadership of the entire Navajo Tribe in Window Rock and numerous Chapter Houses over a 2 year period that lead to over 18 meetings (2017 - 2019). Unfortunately, the legislative leadership decided to shut down the NGS power plant and the Peabody coal mine - thus eliminating hydrogen development from any consideration to revive the tribe.
  • Presenting the potential of Magnum Development salt caverns for hydrogen storage to CEO Rob Webster (2018)
  • Presenting hydrogen production here in Utah via the IPP Plant in Delta for California at the CA Energy Office in Sacramento (2018)
  • Organizing the very first Hydrogen Road Day in Carson City for Nevada state legislation (2019)
  • Hydrogen presentations to New Mexico utilities (2017)
  • Meeting with the Idaho Governor's Energy Office in Boise to present Geothermal and hydroelectric potential in Idaho (2018)
  • Meetings for hydrogen development in Montana for 2.5 years ( 2019 to present)
  • Meeting with Arizona Governor for hydrogen development (2019)
  • Our first presentation at the annual Board of Directors meeting of the CaFCP headquarters (2018)
  • Numerous hydrogen presentations at the SPI energy conferences in Long Beach, CA and SLC, Utah and NM (2018-2020)
  • Element One Technologies officially moves into the San Rafael Research Center in Utah (2021)
  • Assisted Representative Melissa Ballard in organizing her very first of many hydrogen round table meetings (2018 -2019), and discussions with hydrogen industry leadership at the Utah State Capital building, and spearheaded one of the first collaborative meetings at the Power Innovations Headquarters - it was a time for celebration when the HB-223 hydrogen incentive bill was finally authored, coauthored and voted on - passed by unanimous vote in both the House and the Senate with advocating support from Senator David Hinkins and Representative Melissa Ballard and finally signed into law by Utah Governor Cox April 2021.

Living in Europe for over 10 years - starting his first company that operated out of 6 countries while traveling extensively throughout 4 continents, over 30 countries and more cities than that - not to mention over 60% of the US - Karl has acquired a global perspective long before his ventures into the hydrogen space that started in NY many years later. Twelve years ago his foresight of the world running on hydrogen has proved out to be THE global solution he had envisioned - a passion that drove him throughout the years that was the catalyst of many inventions, engine developments, hydrogen applications and many years burning the midnight oil in the R&D lab

 Karl Rudisill was introduced to Casey Houwelling summer 2017. It was a fascinating experience walking into a 30 acre - fully enclosed greenhouse that grew 40 foot high Howelling Tomatoestomato plants, bell peppers and cucumbers. This was the ticket to the big "carbon capture and sequestration" equation. Instead of wasting resources - put the CO2 to grow much need agriculture from the by-product emission during the production of hydrogen and power generation.

The entire environment inside this agrifarm (multiple different crops can be grown simultaneously with crop unique management) - is a type of biosphere that also houses imported honey bees that fly around all day pollinating the many acres of plants. In the late afternoon the bees all return to their perspective hives at the beginning of each row of of crops and never try to intrude on the adjoining rows of pollinating bees. These bees do not bother the 150+ workers in the agrifarm as they go about their business harvesting crops while bees fly freely uninhibited. 

Casey Houwelling was amongst numerous participators from Karl's "Go To" list of hydrogen industry leaders from around the country invited to attend the very first hydrogen meeting in Utah at the World Trade Center he organized with Dr. Laura Nelson and her staff December 2017.