At its fundamental core, marketing can simply be defined as "goal-oriented storytelling." Period. Stories are what drives us, motivates us, defines us. It's how we communicate. It's how we define others, our environment, indeed the universe itself. Our history, our present and our future - all told through the lens of storytelling.

Drilling down a bit further, we are left with three parts to this simple equation - the goals, the story, and the data gathering and analysis to support the "goal-oriented" part. Typically, a lot of effort falls into the data-side of the equation. Enter techno-babble, gee-whiz apps, and computer-based tech that "helps" manage this growing and often overwhelming data cloud.  To achieve whatever market goals organizations have, we need to answer questions like:

  • Are we delivering the story to the right audience using the most effective channel?
  • How are these audiences receiving the story?
  • Is our messaging effective?
  • How will the competition react? 
  • What are the current perceptions and beliefs of audience segments?
  • How do we gain greater insight into sub-groups so our messaging is not lost against the background of the unrelenting "noise" of everyone else trying to do the same?

We can continue to drill down, finding ever more minutia to consider, but the entire data-side of the equation is simply there to answer the question, "Is the story working?"

There is no greater story than climate change. This is an all-hands-on-deck effort that will necessitate unheard of cooperation between the private sector, governments, and the public. No one is  "exempt" from the effects of global and potentially catastrophic changes on this planet. Very few people are immune to the economy. And with the drumbeats of war once again permeating around the globe, it is more important than ever to divest hate-based ideologies in favor of global solutions based on partnership and science instead of primitive "king of the hill" paradigms.

And it is this - the storytelling aspect - that Quinn or "Q" has spent a lifetime mastering. Starting out as professional photographer in the Navy, Q graduated at the top of his class and was stationed in The Fleet Intelligence Service for Europe and Atlantic (FICEURLANT) where he received a Top Secret clearance. Offered an unprecedented 12 year duty-station, Q realized that what he really wanted to do is have an adventure, not a cushy job inside a "black vault." Eventually, Q graduated dive school, EOD school where is clearance was updated to a CNWDI Top Secrete clearance, and finished up in marine mammal training and joined Mobile Unit Three stationed out of Coronado, California where many adventures were waiting.

After leaving the Navy with an honorable discharge, Q immediately earned a B.A. from Boise State University where he learned the craft of writing and video production. He become a university television producer and graduated with top honors. He purchased a small graphics design and advertising studio and built it up over the next ten years serving thousands of clients with a variety of marketing, design, advertising, and printing needs. Specializing in start-ups, Q thrived in the initial chaos of start-ups where owners only had an idea and nothing else. Turing ideas into reality become a life-long passion. During this time, he also earned a Maser's degree from BSU and taught at the university for a number of years.

After a decade, he sold his half of the business, stopped teaching, and entered the corporate world as the International Brand Manager and Creative Director for Springville, Utah's largest employer - Neways International. He successfully rebranded the company from a mom-and-pop operation to an international juggernaut and doubled sales to $500 million in less than three years.

Q's storytelling training was not finished, however, and he left to start a new business - The Burroughs Group - where he learned the craft of multi-media production, animation, and illustration. From designing complex multi-channel marketing campaigns, to guiding teams through the complex workflow of advanced 3D animation and advertising, Q's 30+ years of learning the craft brought him to Karl Rudisill a little over 6 years ago.

They met at a coffee shop in Boise, Idaho. Karl brought a three-foot high stack of studies, papers, notes, and drawings and explained what the hydrogen economy was, what it could do and said, "There's not a single aspect of the world that will not be changed by this. And I'm going to do it."

Q said, "How can I help?" And the rest, as they say, is history. In some respects, Q has spent his entire life training for this moment -- the BIG story -- when our global civilization changes how we produce, transport, store, and consume energy. And since energy = civilization - this is no small task. It is the story of our age. It is a story that is unfolding across the globe as you read this. Innovators like Karl are bringing into focus a new kind of story - one of sustainability, one that is healthier, a story of increased job-production, rising economic development, independence, freedom, and security. These are not trivial matters. This is the story of our time. And this is our time to shine.

Together we will rise, overcome, and prosper. Divided we will fall. Join us on this grandest of adventures, and become part of the world-solution as we face unparalleled opportunities and unprecedented challenges.

What will your story be in this unlimited, sustainable, and green new world?