"Hydrogen = Energy Independence"

The world is facing tumultuous times - again. Change. Massive change is on our doorsteps. This chaotic moment is forcing us to look anew at the world we have built. All of us need to ask the difficult questions and demand real-world answers for a solutions-based future. We can no longer indulge in fantasy "solutions" that have little to zero chance of success. Our analysis and problem solving needs to be fact-based, science-based, workable, affordable, and timely.  

Needless to say, we cannot arrive at the answers we need by using the same type of thinking that put is here in the first place. As our decades-old blinders are coming off, a new awakening is happening all over the globe as people realize we must change the way we do things, use things, and think about things. With an eye on sustainability and the elegance of efficiency, Element One Technologies is dedicated to finding the right solution for our very real-world power generation, storage, transportation, and consumption problems. Cooperation, not competition is part of the key to unlock a future that works for everyone. It has become obvious that not one region, one country, nor one group of companies can maintain or offer the continuous and stable energy, resource management, and the security nations need to survive. In other words, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We are a solutions and technology company creating products and systems to move us back into balance with our environment and ourselves while advancing the world towards a cleaner, sustainable, and healthier planet. It is inspiring to work with so many companies and people from around the world that also believe in the spirit of collaboration and collective reasoning instead of "business as usual" and "us against them" paradigms.

Join us as we transition from the world we knew, to a world where anything is possible. Hydrogen equals freedom. It means energy independence. It means national  and personal security as we halt our reliance on foreign energy. Hydrogen means a cleaner, more sustainable world. And hydrogen is what will put the economy back on track. The once future-fuel is here, now and ready to transform the world...