Simply put, climate change is upon us - NOW! Wild fires are now "a season". Hurricanes are being fed by the warmer Atlantic waters and then linger longer even overland, ClimatechangeArctic icecaps melting at alarming rates and coastal erosion is occurring around the globe. Extreme droughts are becoming the norm, water tables dropping substantially and massive main feeder reservoirs running dry.  We can not wait decades to make large-scale reductions to Green House Gases (GHG), or to drastically lower pollution and CO2 levels in the amounts required to make a significant global difference. As Europe is finding out the cost of "going green" with wind and solar is a mighty price tag especially in the face of low wind season and lack of sunshine forces the increase pricing in energy costs.

The coming climate crises is here, at our doorstep, and mother nature does not wait for anyone. Immediate and large-scale action is required to help ease civilization back to a more sustainable, healthier, and safer zone. The good news is that all the technology we need to make these massive and "immediate" changes is available right now, at scale, ready to be implemented immediately to start producing and utilizing clean energy across the spectrum.


Until now, three things things have been missing from the general climate and energy debates:

  1. Political will. Though politics often overrides science, policy makers are beginning to realize we must change course to a cleaner, more sustainable future if we want to continue to have a viable and healthy civilization. In the real-world, it is not the strong that survive in the long-run, but the adaptable. With the global economic might behind a multi-trillion dollar infusion from the hydrogen economy, even die-hard, for-profit corporations are seeing the benefits of employing a hydrogen economy.
  2. Advanced hydrogen-based liquid fuel replacements for gasoline and diesel engines that will instantly lower emissions up to 90% while delivering impressive horsepower increases and performance enhancements across the board.
  3. The bold, and realistic plan to put it all together.  Element One Technologies (EOT) has been re-thinking the entire energy production/usage paradigm for the last ten years. And we know the key to our survival lies in cooperation, not self-serving turf-building. We look at the entire tool-box of power generation and usage, not just individual parts. Together we can. Separately we fail. 
    • What if power plants could be 100% organic food producers WHILE capturing 100% of CO2 and harmful emissions? They can!
    • What if you could plug your car into your house to power your entire home? You will!
    • What if we could re-think fossil fuels, and use their inherit source of power in a way that does not pollute or produce GHG gasses? We are doing it!
    • What if we could re-configure existing fossil-fuel resources and make them green? Imagine a coal-fired power plant that produces 0 emissions. We did. And we're working on several promising technologies that can do just that.

For us, the future is bright, clean, energy efficient, safe, and powerful. The massive global changes that is required CAN be done, right now! Imagine decreasing GHG emissions by 50% within a few short years? We did! And we're working on that vision and more every day.

IMG 1789

Founder, inventor and CEO of Element One Technologies, Karl Rudisill, had the foresight over ten years ago to start developing bridge-fuels to keep ALL of America's fleet of cars and vehicles in operation while instantly lowering emissions by as much as 90% and reducing CO2 exhaust emissions by 60%  just by switching fuels.

And these are no ordinary fuels. Hythanol® a unique hydrogen-based liquid fuel that delivers an instant 95% reduction in particulate matter, 0% sulfur, cuts GHG emissions by 80% and drastically reduces CO2 emissions by 60% over traditional gasoline.

IMG 8672

HythanolPLUS, and Green HythanolPLUS biodiesel promises that gasoline engines are not the only fuels that can be instantly replaced. These high-performance diesel-replacement fuels beat ordinary diesel fuel at every metric. Forgot about low-temperature clogging with traditional diesel. Early results show our biodiesel clear and unfogged at 10°F. With its high cetane number high lubricity, and all the benefits in emission reduction that Hythanol® offers, our hydrogen-based biodiesel fuel can be used in diesel engines without modification. Fill-up, and reduce GHG and CO2 emissions instantly.

These fuels can be produced right here at home using existing technology to begin drastically lowering emissions with your first fill-up. Just by switching fuels, we can lower CO2 emissions by 1 billion tons a year from the transportation sector in the US. This can be replicated across the world. With hydrogen-based fuels, we untether America's interest from the whims of a long and complicated fossil-fuel supply line, often controlled by other countries. This freedom and localized fuel production can be reproduced in any country, or even in your own backyard. 

Currently the plan is to.. move... not... so... fast...


For the first time in history, Transportation replaces Power in US as top source for CO2 emissions. According to data from U.S. Energy Information Administration, transportation sector now emits 1.9 billion tons of CO2 each year. The electric power sector runs a close second at 1.8 billion tons annually. Both these emissions can be drastically cut by going hydrogen and Hy-fuels to reduce vehicle emissions.

In the boldest political action taken so far, the Biden administration just announced that 50% of new cars by the year 2030 will be driven by clean energy. That still leaves over 270 million cars NOT lowering emissions at all. Let's break that down: According to data from the Argonne National Laboratory, New light vehicle sales projects for 2022 is 16.5 million. After a record-high sales of Hybrid Vehicles (HEVs), and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), and Plug-In Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) total sales has yet to peak over 8%.

Meanwhile, gasoline and diesel powered vehicles are still being sold without any significant reduction in emissions. The current plan, then, is to try and curb total emissions by addressing a fraction of new vehicle sales. When compared to the entire US fleet, this is the difference between 8 million vs 300 million, or less than 3%. This will not move the emission/pollution needle in any appreciable fashion. Trying to significantly curb emissions by addressing less than 3% of total vehicles on the streets of America is simply not good enough. Too little and too late is not the best path forward.

Climate RateOfChangeCurveWorld's most important graph: We can argue about everything -- the time it takes before it gets "bad," how bad it will get. We can argue about the balance between human-caused vs natural causes, or where we are on the curve. But what we can't argue about is what the slope of the curve represents as we travel farther into the unknown. Massive global change lies ahead as we   sail into the uncharted waters of epic climate change.

Element One Technologies has shown that far from being too little and too late, the time is right to embrace hydrogen production and alternate Hy-fuels as a real-world solution to a global problem. Hy-fuels are the bridge between the now, and a 100% carbon-free future. Realizing that carbon-free future will take decades. We do not have decades to wait - hence the bridge-fuels. In order to make significant, immediate change to lower emissions, we need to address ALL vehicles. Element One Technologies can reduce both transportation emissions AND power plant emissions, and we can start today.

The more we ignore, the bigger the chore!

The dialogue continues, the Summit meetings persist without finalization, the energy conferences get organized yearly to present technology(s) and discuss the very same topics without a breakthrough. Global companies, "sit back and calculate" their next move - waiting for a leader to step up to the plate and swing the bat of real solutions. While we can endlessly argue about the severity of the coming climate changes, the time left before it gets "bad," or even the balance between causal factors pushing our world out of its comfort-zone, we cannot expect that our feet-dragging will not have consequences. As we sit back and discuss, the world-clock and nature never slows. While we attend more meetings and Zoom calls, nature is plowing full steam ahead with or without our permission.

Governments around the globe are proposing multi-billion dollar climate programs. While at the same time, regional, state  and national policy are prohibiting the execution of funds being allocated. Climate change has become a political weapon of might from both sides of the debate. While we argue, the demise of the environment and increasingly extreme weather devastation is upon us.

We tend to judge the future by our familiarity to the past. "But we've had a hundred good years!" is no way indicative of what is coming. The problem with exponential rate of change is that we really don't know - what, exactly, lies ahead - but we do know that changes will be massive, severe and will come all too quickly for the unprepared. The only thing we can count on is that the future will not be like anything we know or are used to. We are literally heading into uncharted waters.  If we wait to debate, it will be too late...