"Hydrogen = Energy Independence"

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Energy = Civilization

Climate Change is a massively complex issue that is deeply intertwined with our civilization and its infrastructure. How we extract power from the natural world, and how we consume and distribute that energy is a matter of national and international security as well as the key to progress and growth.  Our modern world requires enormous amounts of energy to function. We use this power to heat and cool our homes, to grow the food we eat, for transportation, entertainment and everything in between. Modern life cannot exit without modern energy.

As we navigate through the uncharted waters of climate change, it's easy to get sidelined by old habits of thought that say, "But we've always done it this way!" It's even easier to get derailed by misinformation and outright lies, false claims, irrational thought, and deeply held but entirely inaccurate beliefs. Considering what's at stake, this non-rational future-planning is set to produce catastrophic failure. And, simply put,  we cannot afford to fail. 

To be absolutely clear, Element One Technologies (EOT)  is NOT anti-solar, anti-wind, or anti-battery technologies. These are important tools in our quest to build a cleaner, more sustainable and healthier, more-powerful future. We will use these technologies ourselves, and they are good technologies for what they do. There is a difference between tool and solution however. For the same reasons a carpenter cannot build a house with just a hammer, (a good and useful tool), we cannot build a reliable, sustainable energy-future with just wind and solar. They are part of the tool-set, just not the entire solution.

We are pro-solution. We adhere to non-politicized science, and facts, and we let math, not emotions, guide our decisions. To solve the world's most channeling problems, we realize we need to think way-outside the box. We know that cooperation, not turf-building is the model to use. And we can see that we will either all rise together, or sink together.

We cannot rely on the unpredictable and rapidly changing weather to "fix" our rapidly changing and erratic weather.

We realize that the very core argument of the 100% solar/wind "solution" is flawed from the very start. This is, simply put, illogical. And in practice, already a failure in the making, as California is discovering. We cannot grid-balance with solar/wind without a massive energy storage systems. And since solar and wind are 100% tied to the weather, it's easy to see how this "solution" is incomplete and highly questionable at best. Once we do the math, the issues these technologies have become most alarming. The land-mass issue alone is a jaw-dropper.

Our power need is 24/7/365. It's unrelenting and always increasing in demand. The need is immediate for global solutions that work in the field and not just on paper. EOT is on the forefront of real-world solutions for a very real global problem. We take climate change very seriously, and we are developing new protocols, solutions and future-maps that address this problem with the urgency and massive-change required to meet an unstable future.

We invite you to enter a new world of possibilities and solution-based technologies that will absolutely move the world-dial significantly and with speed. From our innovative hydrogen-based bridge-fuels that can instantly lower emissions by 60-90% in existing gasoline and diesel engines, to redesigning power plants for ZERO emissions, to new industrial-scale energy storage solutions, to our new electrolyzers that are more efficient without rare-earth metals, to our new power generation systems... or in other words, we have an entirely new hydrogen-based ecosystem that works with the natural world and not against it. These technologies can come to market quickly and efficiently by re-thinking and repurposing existing assets, and moving with speed and commitment to building a healthier, more sustainable clean-energy world that will benefit everyone.