"Hydrogen = Energy Independence"

One strategy currently employed by numerous policy makers is to simply ignore our changing climate. As they fiddle, the world burns, sinks, floods, freezes, and evaporates as the  climate increasingly becomes more erratic and intensifies. At Element One Technologies, we believe there are better ways to approach our growing climate crises. Clear, level-headed, science-based solutions are required that can be implemented quickly and efficiently while boosting the economy instead of wreaking it.

2020 billion dollar disaster map

To meet the very real challenges our climate throws at us daily, we are developing rapid-deployment Emergency Response Units (ERUs) to help communities and infrastructure hit hard by weather extremes. In NOAA's 2020 update to its Billion-dollar disaster report, they confirm what we already know: Climate change isn't at out our doorstep - it has walked through the front door and is trashing the house in epic fashion.

Just in the US, we have sustained 298 weather and climate disasters since 1980 to the tune of almost 2 trillion dollars. We literally cannot afford to ignore climate change any longer. Based on the most advanced modeling available on our planet, NOAA is predicting quite a costly and rough ride.

The future outlook is as grim as it is all-encompassing:

  • Rising sea levels - The World Economic Form suggests that at least 570 cities and almost a billion people will be exposed to rising sea and storm surge.
  • 90% of coastlines will be affected
  • Tropical cyclone rates are projected to increase in intensity
  •  Increase in record-breaking fire - Climate.gov reports the 2020 wildfire season torched 10.2 million acres. California doubled its previous record to consume 4.1 million acres. According to Reuters, wildfires cost insurers up to $13 billion just for 2020.

Big. Grim. Powerful, and expensive. This is what our climate-future holds. And to help combat these increasing statistics, Element One Technologies has developed our modular and highly customizable ERU systems to quickly deploy on-demand power and fuel generation along with on-site clean drinking water to those areas hit hard by climate change and storm destruction where there is no supporting infrastructure.

Deploying the next defense against our changing climate

ERU HeloOverFlooding 400When the infrastructure goes down, Emergency Response Units can be rapidly deployed to hard-hit areas within hours with prior staging. Why wait weeks or months to have power on-site while the infrastructure is rebuilt when you can have instant power AND fuel at the ready? 

Recovery is easy as Plug-and-Play

Designed for operating-simplicity and rugged durability, these ERUs can go anywhere and be configured for a variety of inputs and outputs. They "plug-in" to any water source, clean or polluted. The out-put is three-fold:

  1. Clean power generation with onboard hydrogen-powered generators.
  2. Fuel production: Next-gen Hy-fuels can instantly produce gas and/or diesel on the spot.
  3. Clean, drinkable water - even if the source is heavily polluted.

ERUs will ship with an on-board hydrogen supply for instant power generation the minute our containerized systems hit the ground. In emergency situations every minute counts, and our ERUs will be producing power within ten minutes of touch-down. The on-board hydrogen provides instant power production while the internal systems fire up as local water is connected for the hydrogen  production.

Source water can be flood-water, tanker-water shipped in, working hoses, or even salt-water with our dual-sea-coast containerized system. On-site power is generated by 34 - 400 watt commercial solar cells, and four 5 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) for an estimated total power of 33.6 kW @ 302 kWhs. Once containerized this basic configuration of ERU can produce 6 kilos of hydrogen per day at full capacity. We can extend the power input and output by supplying additional containerized units, wind turbines and solar arrays to create a robust power configuration beyond KW power output to meet any localized, emergency demand for power generation.

ERU remotePond 800When the wind can't come to you, now you can go to the wind and bring it back. The on-board hydrogen production storage tanks can be augmented with external hydrogen supplies or offloaded for transport.  Every disaster offers unique challenges, and the flexibility of the ERUs and various configurations give disaster planing officials the ultimate choice in how to respond. Once on the ground, things can rapidly and significantly change, and this is where the power of the ERUs quickly become evident. Our plug-and-play operations will be able to fine-tune emergency management to supply whatever is needed from increase drinking-water supply, to adding more fuel production, or eliminate fuel production and concentrate on hydrogen production for off-site electrical generators. Local commanders will be able to adjust to rapidly changing parameters just as rapidly and stay ahead of the curve.

Doctors Without Borders, FEMA, hurricane relief, storm/earthquake/disaster assistance, or remote-fuel or cold-weather production scenarios are what the ERUs are deigned for.

Customize your emergency response in real time.

ERU stowed 1kEmergency Response Unit ready for transport

 From small, single unit response units, to large, daisy-changed configurations, emergency response managers can now dial in what they need when they need it. Increase power and fuel production instantly by increasing on-the-ground clean energy generation with Element One Technology's PowerPACK system. Fully loaded with 300 high performance 400watt solar panels and four more VAWTs, this unit can plug directly into the H-fuel system for dramatically increasing on-site production.

Need clean water in a hurry, and a lot of it? No problem with our dedicated water-purifying system. We can turn heavily polluted flood water into pristine drinking water, or even manufacture water from thin air- especially in dense, high humidity areas like coastlines ravaged by hurricanes and storm surge. These unites can also plug into our hydrogen manufacturing system to increase hydrogen output.

Looking beyond disaster relief these highly customizable solutions are not just temporary fixes. In remote areas, they can be used as a long-term solutions providing drinking water, power, and even fuel production. Containerized, mobile, customizable, built for extreme conditions, and easy to use - disaster relief is about to get a whole lot easier with Element One Technologies' Emergency Response Units.

ERU deployed 1kEmergency Response Unit fully deployed with ERU PowerPack extension

Climate change has brought upon us unpredictable and catastrophic events that devastate 10s of thousands of acres almost overnight. These wild fires destroy massive landmass, homes, entire residences and communities - leaving firefighters at a disadvantage without defenses, no water supply, no protection of unforeseen shift of winds and at times life threatening circumstances.

The ERU can be custom built for fighting fires as a front line defense system with onboard water supplies, firefighting equipment and a safe haven to run to for shelter against a sudden engulfing fire. They can be stacked both vertically and horizontally to prevent a spreading fire - saving millions in property damage and land devastation. With the ability to be transported by truck or helicopter - the ERUs offer a very transportable a versatile system of fire fighting and fire control.

With readily available land access at ports - the ERUs can be stacked in mass at the ready in case of pending disaster - quickly deployed by ship, air transport or medium size water transport, standard class 8 semi trucks or medium duty vehicles. With the options of having a power center as well - these ERUs have a very unique IP design of solar panel and vertical wind turbine deployment all  within a turnkey package. Once on the ground - the ERU PowerPacks are fully operational in less than 2 hours.