A lot of press as been devoted to the myth that innovation has somehow died. Hydrogen alarmists and industry-backed researches have suggested that good old American ingenuity has somehow flown out the window, and the only solution to our rapidly changing climate lies in a 100% total commitment to the intermittent and unreliable weather - the very thing that's giving us so much trouble at the moment. Just because they do not see a solution doesn't mean there isn't a solution on the horizon, or, in this case, a proven solution that already exists.

We would like to introduce all these critics to the real-world, and the out-of-the-box thinking behind Element One Technologies. We live on the forefront of innovation for sustainable and clean-energy production. We like to ask questions nobody else is asking, and then find answers to those questions, and then build and/or apply the technology and systems to address those problems today, not ten years from now. And to do this, we need to rethink everything.

We don't need to reinvent the wheel - we just need to expand our idea of what a wheel can do.

What if we could combine the need for growing wholesome, organic food grown in a way that utilizes the highest form of water-management WHILE producing clean energy that can power everything from our fleet of vehicles, to cargo ships, to the jets that fly above or even the appliances and devices we use in our home everyday without the CO2 emissions? To us, that sounds like a good solution.  And what if we could do that today? Even better.

Houweling's Tomatoes has already proven out this CO2 CCU technology and is in operation today. Element One Technologies has been working closely with them for several years developing new growing-strategies for power generation, hydrogen production from fossil based feedstocks, and now recently for the production of our HythanolPLUS biodiesel.

American ingenuity - full steam ahead

Steam Methane Reforming, or SMR and coal gasification are mature technologies that deliver high quality hydrogen that is both cost and energy effective. Today, 95% of theIMG 1804 hydrogen produced in the United States is made by natural gas reforming in large central plants. The CO2 emissions from most of the plants are doing what they have always done- being released into the atmosphere. Various technologies have been put forward to try and NOT put ALL the emissions into the atmosphere, from freezing it, to burying it, or sucking it up with giant CO2 vacuums. Expensive and ultimately not grounded in reality, these systems are doomed for failure at industrial scale. EOT turned to nature for a better, more holistic solution. Instead of building gigantic sky-Hoovers, why not capitalize on a billion-year proven technology?

Plants eat C02

Greenhouses provide a year-round controlled environment designed to maximize crop yield, eliminate harmful pesticides, produce the IMG 2441highest level of water management while protecting workers from often brutal weather conditions. And as the world population grows and water becomes more scarce, why not solve two problems with one, very green, CO2-enhanced thumb?

Combine hydrogen exaction from fossil based resources with a greenhouse designed to utilize CO2, and what do we get? A 100% CCU facility that is producing much-needed sustainable power AND much needed organic, nutritious food WHILE producing jobs and economic growth. Again, we do not have to reinvent the wheel - we just need to look at problems from a different perspective . This facility already exists. The technology has already been developed. All we need to do is duplicate this effort as part of a national and global-plan to dial down the world needle of emissions and pollution while producing high-value crops and jobs. Restore the ecosystem while literally enjoying the fruits of our sustainability. That sounds like a doable, real-world and delicious solution to us.