At Element One Technologies - we create solutions to every day problems on many levels - big and small. As creative thinkers with analytical, mechanical, engineering, IMG 8971scientific and visual graphic skills - we dive into complex problems...quietly - without all the fanfare - creating solutions over time by either developing core technologies or adding new value to existing assets via a combination of dynamic Reactormodifications, multi-OEM collaborations and IP -- as in our  multi-faceted Utah Hydrogen Project, our hydrogen based liquid fuels - Hythanol® and HythanolPLUS, Emissions Capture and Fuel Modification System (ECFMS), the highly efficient bi-polar Dynamic Hydrogen Electrolysis Reactor (DHER), a ground up approach to 100% hydrogen as a fuel in multiple ICEs we built and modified: our 100% hydrogen jet turbine engine that drives a 67  KW induction generator, the Water Arch Detonation Reactor (WADR), one of a kind cryogenic hydrogen transport ship design, multi-engine aero-vacuum VTOL drone, high altitude sport plane, our hydrogen based liquid fuels (HyFuels) and the "Atom in - Atom out" healthy living system - as a short list.

Over the course of 13 years - quietly working under the radar - we have designed, created and produced many one offs, prototypes and numerous one of a kind inventions and energy systems with many patent filings in the works. Some ICE systems we designed in our R&D lab 8 years ago that still run on hydrogen - several global companies are just getting started developing now.

This newly launched website is not a singularity website that just promotes our products and services. It is a centralized point of information, data, facts and figures and info-graphics that will tell a multi-dimensional story of many aspects of the energy industry that is unknown. It's a months long collaborative effort that includes in-depth Hydrogen Jet Turbine reporting on hydrogen, renewable energy, solar, wind, BEVs, the shipping industry, aviation, auto industry, and fossil-based power generation -- everything that we could get our hands on to give an accurate overview of the industries as a whole.

This pursuit lead us down numerous rabbit holes that seemed never ending. Many times we had to come back up for air - "Don't go there again. Its too deep. We may not make it back."  Our marketing director/graphics specialist spent 100s of hours composing the info-graphics you will see spread throughout the site and the lengthy articles we both composed. This Information came from many resources - companies from around the world -  energy offices, federal agencies, universities, research centers, scientists, coalitions, alliances, analytics, industry leaders and political bodies.

This website contains lots of data that some may try and dispute - as we expect the hydrogen opponents to come out of the wood work here and challenge us from every Video: HythanolPLUS Test angle - others will find it enlightening and educational. We deal in facts. In math. In science. We look forward to debates and discussions about this most-important topic. We also deal in real-world solutions. Computer modeling is fine, but real-world results with verifiable data are better.

Real-world testing with HythanolPLUS

(For more information on our hydrogen-based replacement fuels that will instantly and significantly lower GHG emissions, follow this link.) When I drove across country with 50 gallons of fuel in 10 containers on my way to Florida to run the first tests of our drop-in diesel replacement biofuel - HythanolPLUS  - I was not prepared for such a monstrosity of an engine - a massive 8 cylinder turbo diesel locomotive engine. Fortunately - the fuel stood up to its challenge and ran smoothly from 100% diesel to 100% HythanolPLUS without even a hiccup. This video is a compilation of 3 clips of one test. first 100% diesel. Once the engine got up to temperature - they switched the fuel lines during operation. Once the fuel bowls filled up with 100% HythanolPLUS - you can clearly see the emissions completely disappeared. Challenge one completed!

The second phase of testing the ability of our unique fuel was running it through our custom built Cummins 6.7 turbo diesel test engine in our R&D lab at the San Rafael Energy Research Center. The locomotive diesel engine in Florida was a 12:1 compression engine. To truly test the abilities of such a high Cetane fuel - 60-65 - we needed a much higher compression like the 16:1 of IMG 8672the Cummins turbo diesel. As like the locomotive engine test in Florida - HythanolPLUS ran right though the Cummins without issues. This positively proved the flexibility of the fuel even further. But - with an added advantage. Since the fuel is made from organic compounds - with hydrogen at its chemical  structure - the exhaust smells like a forest. Long gone are the days of your car's interior filling up with the smell of dirty diesel fumes on the highway.

Throughout the website there will be several references to "carbon neutral hydrogen". This has specific purpose in pointing out the buzzword of "Green Hydrogen." As we all know - hydrogen has been produced in the past 50+ years mainly from fossil based resources. This is OLD Hydrogen. It is already sold and accounted for in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industries for creating plastics, fertilizers and drugs. Yep - the chemical formula for Aspirin:  C9H8O4 and  Penicillin: C16H18N2O4S. The push for massive quantities of hydrogen is the main focus for NEW Hydrogen.

In my years working at the Berkshire Hathaway Energy power plants - both Huntington and Hunter - during their construction in the 70s - I got a keen insight on the cause of post combustion emissions because I was involved in C8C0BCDE DBD3 493E 96C3 2AA08F62C46F L0 001The Hunter power plantevery single aspect of the power plants operation - post commissioning - during construction. Once we completed one unit - that unit was fired up and we continued building the next unit in the following 18 months. I got an up close and personal view of seeing the smoke stack emissions that came from the furnace and the resulting coal ash pouring out of the hoppers from thousands of tons of coal consumed hourly. Years later the EPA created new restrictions on power plant emissions.  Berkshire invested 100s of $millions upgrading their emissions equipment with new emissions capture and scrubber equipment. Years later - emissions IMG 1795became a very sensitive subject matter for me once I dove into the hydrogen industry.

Like fossil based energy - hydrogen extracted from fossil base resources has been getting hammered with the "Green Hydrogen " movement. Yet - coal and natural gas are not really the culprit here. It's how we utilize these resources for heat, power an fuels that create emissions issue; i.e. if the Hunter power plant and other coal based power plants were 95%-100% emission free - there would be little point in spending $billions on land-consuming wind and solar farms. All RE power generations systems create emissions being built.  But the costs incurred far outweigh the cost of making a power plant emissions free. Yet - the land mass - shown in the Land Mass section proves just how massive that imbalance is. This lead me to developing the Emissions Capture and Fuel Modification System (ECFMS).

The ECFMS captures 100% of the ICE exhaust emissions and converts it into a combustible gas that is then diverted into another ICE. This process increases the efficiency of  Video - Emissions Modification the entire system 50% using exactly the same amount of fuel that ran through the first engine. The second engine is 50% the  cubic inches of the first engine and completely  operate off the modified emissions from the first engine. This same scalable emissions capture system can be developed and adapted to a multi-MW fossil based power plant very similar to a CCGT high efficiency plant. So in essence - if we change the way we use fossil based resources for power generation and fuel by cutting the emissions out of the equation - utilize the elements in the emissions for commercial products - we have created an entire new value system for power plants and fossil fuels. Therefore - jobs stay in place - $billions of dollars of assets remain intact and we are able to produce reliable energy where and when there's a demand - 24/7/365 while producing clean emissions fuel for transportation and industry at a pace we can gradually adjust to while we curbing CO2 emissions.

The website covers many aspects of energy and fuels - from liquid to gaseous, renewable energy to coal and gas fired plants. There are many articles of multiple topics coupled with visually inspiring info-graphics to help tell a story. The internal combustion engine section covers a lot of what is going on in our lab and around the world with combustible hydrogen. We will be adding more as we go along since there are new developments happening  at an accelerated pace.  

Buckle up. Strap in. And get ready to Power Up with Element One Technologies, hydrogen and our green replacement fuels. The fuel of the future is finally the fuel for today. And we're just getting started.