HydrogenEconomypdfDownload PDF1.63 MB Building an entire civilization to produce and consume a new energy source has a lot of moving pieces. Pull a string in one place, and ripples of change can popup clear across the globe. At Element One Technologies, we have cast our future-look across the vast array of power generation technologies and systems. Likewise, the transportation, distribution, storage and consumption of energy. We have visualized the entire Hydrogen Economy and what that looks like for the consumer, industrial, and political spectrum. And we are developing real-world solutions for these complex, global problems that can be implemented quickly with large-scale results.

According to reports by NREL, "Demand for hydrogen in the US could reach as much as 41 million mt/year by 2050, a four-fold increase compared with the present. That forecast eyes green hydrogen riding the recent wave of enthusiasm for the technology, with the prognostication based on assumptions related to research and development-driven reductions in the cost of low-temperature electrolysis (LTE) and financial incentives for LTE.

Green hydrogen is produced via electrolysis from renewable or other zero-emissions power sources. Such a situation would, according to NREL estimates, reduce US petroleum use by 15%, whereby 12 million mt/year of hydrogen would fuel 18% of cars and 26% of light-duty trucks, with a further 5 million mt/year fueling 22% of the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle fleet. In addition, LTE could boost renewable power generation deployment and utilization, according to the study."

This future-vision is what led CEO and Founder, Karl Rudisill to develop Hydrogen,  Hythanol® and HythanolPLUS for ICEs because he knew that there was going to be a piston-gap in any clean-energy rollout. No nation can simply throw away 10s millions of perfectly good, running vehicles and force people to purchase something new and expensive. That is not a workable solution.  Instantly lowering emissions by 90% by switching to low carb, low emissions, high octane fuel IS a workable, real-world solution.

We are committed to sustainability, clean-efficient energy production, and a viable economy that works for everyone. Rather than spending decades in building out an entirely new infrastructure, we propose the smart-reconfiguration of existing assets. Why throw billions of dollars away when we can utilize what we already have to produce clean, sustainable energy? For us, the answer is clear, as is the path forward.

Energy is a national security issue - no more mistakes - no more disinformation

OilTankerHydrogenConversionWhen we look at present day assets like retired oil rigs - we see opportunity to keep these costly assets in place and for people to remain employed, while increasing prosperity AND becoming truly clean and green. How do we do this? By using the same billions of dollars being proposed to replace fossil based power generation with unreliable wind and solar and convert these assets to the production of clean burning hydrogen and low emissions HyFuels while capturing ALL of the emissions and utilizing those inherent chemicals in commercial markets.

Due to the size of offshore oil rigs - there is ample space to completely modify the entire oil production system into producing clean hydrogen from sea water via electrolysis instead of the $200 million loss of tearing it down.

Averaging 4,700 barrels of oil produced per day on an offshore oil rig in the US territory, a $200 million investment in hydrogen electrolyzers, a desalination plant and wind turbines to power the rig would gross an estimated $163,000 per day of clean hydrogen on such an existing off shore oil platform. Where most see an "old-world" threat - we see opportunity to save and improve. 

SelfFuelingHydrogenTankerSelf-fueling Hydrogen TankerElement One Technologies is committed in developing solutions that work right now. Because we can't wait 10 or 20 more years before doing something in a big way. We CAN make an enormous impact on emissions and climate change today. To move forward, we need to clear the debris of disinformation from the road of progress. As we've seen, disinformation can cause catastrophic, immediate, and long-term harm for everyone. We will always seek to  reveal the hard-truths inside the energy sector because real solutions demand we understand the real problems. Energy  production can and will become more efficient, healthier, cleaner, more prosperous in a sustainable world.

The climate issues we are facing today is not prejudice. It happening all over the world. It's a big job! Collaboration between countries, companies, organizations and governments is now a necessity to work collectively - and we're going to need your help to accomplish this once-in-a-civilization moment...