The R&D Lab at the San Rafael Energy Research Center will be a world’s first lab of its kind, developing a multitude of clean-fuel, clean-energy,   clean-water, and new RandD Layoutprocesses for power generation  all working Sprung Building Research Center 1kcohesively while producing gases and liquids for pre-existing and emerging markets for Hydrogen, Hythanol®, and HythanolPLUS.

The R&D Lab will pursue various hydrogen-based projects and inventions that include the development of the highly efficient EOT Hydrogen Reactor for the rapidly developing hydrogen powered auto and truck industry.  Initial tests show a solid 30% increase of hydrogen production over similar existing models of electrolyzers. Center court H2-Square will house current hydrogen production technologies that will power up the facility from electrolysis, SMR and fuel cell power output. These technologies will be on full display and aces for visitors, researcher, engineers, scientists and project managers to see in operations.

Currently in the development pipeline are several new fuels. One is the high-octane Hythanol® for ICE (internal combustion engine) applications for both low emission liquid and gaseous fuels in the aeronautics, marine and commercial transport industries. Another H-fuel being developed is HythanolPLUS, a biodiesel fuel that can be immediately be implemented into large-truck transport to substantially reduce GHG emissions by 90%.

Further R&D in the lab will also include Fuel Cell engineering and design, high altitude hydrogen powered plane design, high performance hydrogen car power systems and jet engine conversions to 100% hydrogen fuel. These facilities will also serve as a IMG 2581showcase of our collective technologies, engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a scientific center for visiting car manufacturers, engineering firms, universities, and scientists from around the globe. We have numerous engines of varying sizes, single and multiple piston - both Brayton and Otto cycle - including a jet turbine engine that spins up to 133,000 rpm running on 100% hydrogen.

With companies like Chart Industries, GE, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Toyota, Hyundai, Shell Hydrogen, First Element,  Iwatani, Air Products, Plug Power, the CaFCP, the State of Utah, Nevada and California that can all reap benefits from such mutli-faceted project  - we foresee a well established and sought after facility for our clean fuels, innovations, products and engineering services.

The additional purpose of this facility will be to enhance the expanding hydrogen supply chain that serves the developing auto, trucking, bus, train and light duty transport industries. It will be a launch pad for the focus of the legislation to make Utah number one producer of hydrogen in the western region due to the vast natural resources of coal, natural gas, water, geothermal and renewable zones that are being developed presently towards that goal. The  hydrogen facility could also serve as a redundant fuel supply for the IPP/IPA plant in Delta, Utah that is the new addition to the California LADWP project of Zero Emission mandate. It will also support the construction and utilization of the Magnum Innovations underground salt cavern storage of hydrogen by being at the ready with extra hydrogen quantities available for storage and usage.

This hydrogen facility will be the catalyst for the ambitions of pipeline-builders to facilitate a first-of-its-kind to  construct a hydrogen pipeline that will run 80 miles directly west to the underground salt caverns of Magnum Innovations outside Delta, Utah. These salt caverns for hydrogen storage will be used as a fuel depot just underneath the IPP/IPA plant being established as a hybrid natural gas and hydrogen facility in 2025 that will require 100,000,000 kilos of hydrogen supply around the clock per year. Once the IPP plant become full operational in 2045 at 100% hydrogen - that hydrogen yield triples.

We intend on building a new airport 7 miles south of Ferron that will be powered by our own hydrogen so visiting parties can easily fly in for tours from Salt Lake City for tours, meetings and even healthy eating experience at the technological Hydrogen Powered Airport Layoutwonders of, “well to wheels” all within eye shot of the Utah Hydrogen Project and the R&D lab facilities.

Plug Power will be supplying the airport with ground support vehicles, hydrogen filler stations for the land equipment and there will be hydrogen storage onsite for round the clock off grid hydrogen power generated via fuel cells and ICEs.

The entire scope of the Utah Hydrogen Project is not just about producing hydrogen. Its to collaborate with supporting companies and show case their hydrogen technologies, production systems - large and small - liquefaction, transportation, storage and management of hydrogen in one easy accessible location while enjoying a healthy diet during the stays.